About us

Founded in 2009 by Diwakar Singh, a distinguished HR Leader with varied industry exposure, Protignis People Advisory Services is the pioneer of organized HR and Payroll outsourcing services in India. Over the past decade, we have acted as preferred Human Resource partners to multinationals and leading Indian and South Asian businesses to emerge as the leading talent management solutions provider in India. 

This combined with our role as trusted HR and Management consultants for Indian and global professionals translates into our core capability – Enrich Human Enrich Excellence.

Our HR Services are perfect for growing and developing organizations. We help you build business and operational strategies while also taking care of your day-to-day routine HR tasks while you focus on expanding the business.

All our services are 100% customized to meet the needs of each business processes. You can seek our advice in formulating HR Strategies, Policies and/or outsource the HR function or specific processes, which eases your burden, saves time and money and energy.

An in-house team of 9 qualified, experienced, and committed HR professionals who have over 200-man years of experience with leading Indian and international companies and operate within domain-specialist teams spread across the country, providing customized talent solutions across 12 industry practices. These professionals will adeptly manage your HR function, thus taking away the burden from your managers and you.

Protignis manages your company’s payroll, employee taxes and compliance responsibilities in India. This enables you to do business almost immediately — saving money and time — without the need to establish a separate a different subsidiary company.

Our network includes 3 offices spread across 5 major Indian cities. Protignis is proud of its long-standing relationships in the industry and 75% of its revenues come through its existing clients.

It turns to the pathway for both employer and employe


Adding People Strategy in Every Company

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Multinationals and leading Indian businesses prefer Protignis as their preferred talent management partner. Our core capability – Building Careers–is a culmination of this, as well as our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals.

We provide a range of HR Services by leveraging our domain knowledge built over decades.

Payroll, Staffing Compliance, HRMS, HR Consulting, Recruitment, and Corporate Training are all services provided by Protignis People Advisory Services, a fully integrated HR Consulting and outsourcing firm.

We serve companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large multinational corporations, in industries such as manufacturing, FMCG, NBFC, and service industries.

What we do

Recruitment Solutions for all

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Love your job and work with your heart.

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